Miyagi International Association (MIA)

Miyagi International Association (MIA)

4-17 Tsutsumidori Amamiyamachi
Aoba-ku Sendai MIYAGIaccess
TEL 022-275-3796 FAX 022-272-5063 
mail: mail@mia-miyagi.jp

Living Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Miyagi


The Living Guidebook, published for foreign nationals living in Miyagi, includes basic information for daily life and is published in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese (with Japanese translation included).

This guidebook is edited using information of CLAIR's Multilingual Living Information.
This page will post the "Contact information" from the guidebook in PDF format soon.

This guidebook was created using information from the Council for Local of Local Authorities for International Relations' "Multilingual Guidebook for Foreign Nationals living in Japan."

We plan to post PDF documents of the Korean and Portuguese versions soon.


Miyagi International Association (MIA)