Miyagi International Association (MIA)

Miyagi International Association (MIA)

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Aoba-ku Sendai MIYAGIaccess
TEL 022-275-3796 FAX 022-272-5063 
mail: mail@mia-miyagi.jp

Miyagi International Association (MIA) Japanese Language Tutors Program

Those wanting to study Japanese can apply at MIA, and we will introduce a registered tutor to you.


Applicable Persons:
In principle, the applicant should live in Miyagi and have a desire to study Japanese.
How to Apply:
Fill out the MIA Japanese Language Tutors Application Form and send it by fax or mail, or deliver it in person. Application is free.
Application Period:
Open. If we haven't found a tutor after one month application, we will contact the applicant and confirm whether or not he/she wishes to remain on the application list.
Deletion from the Application List/Tutor Program:
We will remove applicants from the application list/tutor program in the following cases:
  1. When requested to do so by the applicant.
  2. When we are unable to confirm whether an applicant wishes to remain on the application list.
  3. When applicants/teachers conduct activities outside those outlined for this course.

Introduction of Tutors

After confirming the location, day and time, and content of study, we will introduce you to your tutor. There will be some cases where we will be unable to find tutors to meet all of your requirements. Please decide with your tutor lesson times, location, and content.

Lesson Fees

Class Fee:
Additional Fees:
The applicant bears responsibility for all costs related to each lesson (i.e. tutor's commuting expense, copy or text fees, etc.).


Applicants bear all responsibility in the case that an accident occurs during lesson times.

1. What kind of person becomes a volunteer tutor?
Many different people: the full-time employed, housewives, the retired, university students etc. What they all have in common is that they want to volunteer their free time to help people like you learn Japanese. Volunteer tutors cover a wide range of ages, occupations and residential areas.
2. How do I find a tutor?
MIA will try to introduce you to someone who can accommodate your specified time, and who is located conveniently enough for lessons to take place. Once a suitable individual has been found, MIA will provide tutor and applicant with one another's contact details (name and phone number/email address), so that contact can be established. Please note: MIA only performs the introduction. You should discuss matters like lesson time, place, and content with your tutor.
3. How long will it take to find me a tutor?
We will usually introduce you to a tutor within 3 days to a month of your application. However, if there aren't many registered volunteers in your area, or if nobody can accommodate your requirements, it may take longer. There are occasionally instances in which we cannot find a suitable tutor.
4. How much does it cost?
Tuition is free, but expenses such as the tutor's travel expenses, textbook or handout fees may have to be borne by the student. To avoid awkwardness, be sure to discuss this with the tutor before you begin lessons.
5. Should I be aware of anything else?
Please keep to your word. That means arrive on time, and be prepared to stay for the whole lesson. Contact your tutor well in advance if you think you're going to be late or have to cancel or alter the lesson.
Always remember: your tutor is there to help you to study, but you must be prepared to put in a lot of effort if it is to be a success. Make sure your tutor is aware of the content and style of lesson you want.
If you wish to end your lessons, please be sure to let your tutor know.
For your study to be a success it's essential that you and your tutor have a trusting relationship. If this is not the case and remains that way, then your application can be cancelled.
6. A friend wants to study with me…
The tutor is introduced only to the applicant. If your friend wants to study too, they too must apply at MIA.
7. May I contact MIA if I have a problem?
Of course! Please contact or come in to MIA at any time. Contact details are below.



Miyagi International Association (MIA)