Miyagi International Association (MIA)

Miyagi International Association (MIA)

4-17 Tsutsumidori Amamiyamachi
Aoba-ku Sendai MIYAGIaccess
TEL 022-275-3796 FAX 022-272-5063 
mail: mail@mia-miyagi.jp

Summary of MIA's Programs

Efforts toward a Multicultural Society

Organization of Japanese courses

MIA conducts language courses for persons who need instruction in Japanese, including foreign residents living in Miyagi and persons of Japanese descent returning from overseas.

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Introduction of Japanese Language Tutors

MIA introduces Japanese Language Tutors to foreign residents who wish to study Japanese by private lessons

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Dispatch of Interpreters for Health, Medical, Daly Life Consultation

Volunteer interpreters are sent to various locations, to support foreigners in receiving health, medical and government services at the request of health, medical or government institutions.

Multilingual Publication "KAWARABAN"

The KAWARABAN provides useful information for daily life with the aim of helping foreigners live comfortably in Miyagi. It is published bimonthly in five languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese.

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"Living Guidebook" for foreign Residents in Miyagi

The "Living Guidebook", published for foreign nationals living in Miyagi, includes basic information for daily life and is published in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese (with Japanese translation included.)

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Miyagi Support Center for Foreign Nationals

This support center for foreigners is set up in six languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Tagalog), assisting with various questions and problems that may arise in daily life.

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Support Center for Foreign Children

Japanese study support tutors and native language support tutors are available to be sent to schools throughout the prefecture to assist foreign children who do not have the Japanese proficiency to take classes in Japanese. They are also available for consultation.

Daily Life Support Programs for Newcomers to Miyagi

Field trips and workshops utilizing courses and public institutions related to health/medicine, disaster prevention, waste disposal, employment, and more, targeting participants in MIA's Japanese language courses and other foreign nationals in Miyagi.

Dispatch of Disaster Interpretation Volunteers

In the event that a natural disaster occurs within the prefecture, MIA dispatches Disaster Interpretation Volunteers at the request of the disaster countermeasure headquarters in order to support foreign nationals while they are living in evacuation shelters.

No-Interest Loans for Self-Supporting Foreign Students

MIA provides no-interest loans of up to \200,000 to self-supporting foreign students in the event they become in urgent need of daily living expenses. Available to students studying at universities, graduate schools, and junior colleges.

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A publication produced in interview-format, introducing foreign nationals active in Miyagi and also providing information about the activities of international organizations. Delivered regularly to supporting members of MIA and related organizations.

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Dispatch of Foreign Instructors to support International Education

Supporting international education that aims to foster multiculturalism, MIA dispatches foreign instructors to elementary, junior high and high schools to provide opportunities for children to understand diversity and the importance of mutual understanding / mutual assistance.

International Understanding Courses

Courses aimed at promoting international understanding, hosted by Miyagi Prefecture Coordinators for International Relations.

Free lending of Japanese educational materials / country flags

We lend, free of charge, materials for Japanese language education and national flags to be used at international exchange events.

Collaboration with Organizations Engaging in International Activities

"Miyagi International Organization Directory"

A directory that introduces an outline of organizations in Miyagi related with international activities to support networking and sharing of information among such organizations.

Organization of Liaison Conferences with Organizations Engaging in International Activities

Liaison conferences for the purpose of exchanging information and strengthening collaboration between private international exchange organizations and municipal international exchange associations

Support of International Exchange Activities

Grant Funding System for International Exchange Programs

MIA provides grant funding to proactively support grassroots international exchange activities

Cooperation with organizing events with international exchange organizations

Cooperative support of a variety of events put on by international exchange organizations

Introduction of homes accepting home-stays

Support of exchange between prefectural citizens and foreign nationals by introducing foreign nationals who would like to experience the daily life of a Japanese household to host families willing to accept them for a home-stay / home-visit.

Traditional Miyagi Home-stay Program

A program that allows foreign nationals living in Miyagi to experience traditional cultural events and gives prefectural citizens a chance to introduce Miyagi culture and interact with people of a different culture.

Efforts toward International Cooperation

Organization of International Cooperation Seminars

Seminars for prefectural citizens held in cooperation with JICA's Tohoku Branch aiming at spreading awareness of international cooperation

Japanese Language Instruction of Foreign Prefectural Trainees

Provision of Japanese language instruction to foreign trainees accepted by the prefectural government in efforts to provide technical support to developing countries.

Support of Overseas Immigrants

Many Associations of People from Miyagi exist in foreign countries to provide for amity and welfare of native Miyagians living abroad. MIA provides aid to such Associations of People from Miyagi, to allow for the sound management, amity and welfare of said associations.


Miyagi International Association (MIA)